Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5 Sexy Hairstyles For Spring Dates

Start by using a salt spray on damp hair to get volume and create natural-looking waves without frizz. Take sections of your hair, scrunching it in your hands up to your roots, holding it in your cupped hand for a minute or two. Use a large barrel curling iron to add extra waves throughout hair. Finish by air drying or using a diffuser.

 2.Sleek Strands For A Night Out

For a sleek and polished nighttime look, start by massaging a dab of straightening serum through your wet hair to protect it from the heat of a blow dryer. After blowing hair dry, pin hair in several sections and run a good flat iron through each section several times until hair is perfectly straight. Finish with a shine spray for healthy and radiant locks.

3.High Ponytail For A Baseball Game 
For a perky and playful ponytail, start by blowing your hair dry with a good round brush so it's smooth, shiny and straight. Follow by flipping your head upside down and pulling hair into a tight, high pony. Spray the final look with hair spray to keep it in place and have bobby pins on hand to pin down pesky flyaways.

4.Messy Side Bun for A Boozy Brunch

For a low-key, messy bun, start by curling hair with a simple curling iron to create texture. Part hair to the side and pull it back loosely into a low bun, leaving out the front pieces that frame your face. Pin pieces with bobby pins, letting other pieces of hair fall out of the bun for that messy-glam edge. The hairstyle will loosen throughout the day, which will only enhance the casual-chic appeal.

5.Half-Up Braided Hairstyle For An Outdoor Concert 

For a boho-chic half-up look, start by parting hair in the center. Section off pieces in the front of each side of your part. Braid or twist the sections, connecting both pieces in the back with a hair tie. Use a large barrel curling iron to create big, loose waves on the hair that's down. Don't aim for perfect curls. Loose waves will complete the whimsical half-up hairstyle.

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