Sunday, April 14, 2013

would I look better with long or short hair?

The most frequently asked question when choosing a new hairstyle is always along the lines of "would I look better with long or short hair?"

Seeing as this question has been known to provoke intense and often heated debates, we've come up with a few arguments in favour of both short AND long hairstyles for you in the form of some hot red carpet stars.

Celebrity hairstyle inspiration

At a recent fashion event in Los Angeles (celebrating all things London... of course?) we noticed there were roughly equal amounts of short hhaired and long haired ladies on the red carpet.

Actress Julianne Hough and model Agyness Deyn were flying the flag for cropped styles with their respective bobs whilst "Revenge" star Christa B. Allen and "Hunger Games" favourite Isabelle Fuhrman rocked some impressively long locks. We think that these four stylish ladies all have great hairstyles, all of which are worth considering when deciding on a new look this spring.

What's so great about a short cut?

For starters, a short hairstyle - especially a bob cut - can really mae you stand out from the crowd. Julianne's look frames her face and shows of ehr blue eyes perfectly, especially when styled straight. Agyness went for a more pushed back look, something which emphasised her lipstick ane kept her hair out of her eyes. Practical and gorgeous, what's not to love?

Why should I grow my hair out?

Long hair is something that is inherently feminine, as evidenced by Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid, Beyoncé and Kate Middleton. Long hair can be worn loose like both Christa and Isabelle decided to do on the red carpet but also gives you more hair to play with when creating interesting braided and chignon styles.

Both long and short haircuts have their merits but if you really can't decide which look you prefer, why not go for a mid-length cut? That way, you can always grow it out or get it cut shorter when you eventually do make a decision!

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