Monday, April 22, 2013

Here Are Some Tips To Decrease The Damage By Hair Relaxers

Here Are Some Tips To Decrease The Damage By Hair Relaxers

1. Do not scratch or scrape the scalp 48 hours before relaxing.

2. A base petroleum gel should be used to protect the entire scalp from injury.

3. Before straightening, separate the back from the front by parting your hair from ear to ear. Try straightening the back first and wash that area out. Then straighten the front and wash.

4. Follow the instructions suggested by the manufacturer. Do not sit with the chemical in your hair and wait until it burns as a signal to wash it out. By then it is over-processed, weak and damaged.

5. Thoroughly wash out the relaxer with warm water.

6. Use a neutralising shampoo to return the hair to a pH of 4 - 5.

7. A conditioner should be applied to strengthen the hair shaft.

8. Do not colour and chemically straighten your hair on the same day. It is best to wait at least two weeks before colouring.

9. Allow the hair to air dry when possible. Extend the time in between straightening and try to deep condition your hair at least once per month.

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