Saturday, April 27, 2013

Take care of your nails to avoid brittleness

Brittle nails is a common condition these days. Caring for your nails is very important as your nails are sensitive too. When you neglect your nails, they tend to get brittle. This common condition is medically known as Onychorrhexis.

Brittle nails can happen due to various reasons:The most common cause is simple drying of the nail due to poor diet, which means lack of vitamins, mainly B group, iron, magnesium and zinc, or essential oils. It could also be due to external factors like nail polish and excessive use of acetone too. Another big reason for brittle nails can be thyroid malfunction, though this is not very common.


   1. Remedies, in the case of no systemic health factors, will be to take supplements rich in biotin and minerals.
   2. You could use hair supplements which have a similar mixture.
   3. A protein and essential oil-rich diet will also help.

Dos and Don'ts

   1. Apply warm oil on your nails and nail tip before going to bed every night.
   2. Through the day, keep your nails moisturised.
   3. Do not use nail polish for some time.
   4. If you are swimming, maybe you should try an alternate fitness regimen.
   5. Home chores with detergents should be either avoided or done with gloves on.

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