Sunday, June 2, 2013

How To Get Milla Jovovich's Wavy Bob Hairstyle

To get the wavy look, you'll need to curl a lot, but not all, of your hair. In actual fact, the secret to a perfectly messy bob lies in NOT curling all of your hair!

You should still use a heat-protect spray on ALL of your hair, however.
To get those waves rolling, use a large curling iron or straighteners. With the straighteners, twist them as you run them slowly through your hair when creating loose curls. When deciding which parts of your hair to make wavy, simply curl a large section then leave a smaller section wave-free. Work your way around your head until there are big wavy parts of your bob poking out here, there and everywhere.

Once you're done, run your fingers through your hair to mess up the curls and mix them together with the sections of unworked hair. After that, spray generously with hairspray so that your new look will be able to party for just as long as you can!

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