Thursday, May 16, 2013

Five Step Get Nicole Kidman's Romantic Hairstyle

Step 1: Make your hair messy

Romantic hairstyles are easier to do and generally look better when you have some texture to work with. This means adding some messy waves into your hair if you need to.An easy way to do this is by applying styling mousse for extra hold and loosely braiding your hair into pigtails before blow-drying it. Next, let your hair loose and run your fingers through it to shake it up a little.

Step 2: add some volume

To get Nicole's light and breezing romantic style, you may need to tease the underside of your hair, starting at the top of your head and smoothing over before gathering your hair into an a side ponytail.
Top tip: Flip your head upside down, apply some hairspray and flip it back over. This should only be done if you have particularly thin or persistantly flat hair, however.

Step 3: make your updo

When we say updo, we mean messed-up, half-down, wonky side-bun thing. Capiche? So, gather your hair to one side and loosely twist it into a side bun. Messibly tie it in place with an invisible hairband (they really exist, they are just small and clear).

Step 4: make even more mess

Now it's time to add some more texture to the back of your head. At the bottom of your 'do, if there are any strands of hair still loose, twist them loosely towards the rest of your hair and pin messily in place with a bobby pin. You can always gently pull some strands out to do this with.Then, use your fingers to lightly mess up the back of your hair. Don't go to wild, you're after a romanticallt messy look, not a "dragged though a hedge backwards" kind of style.

Step 5: Add the finishing touches

Once you're satisfied with the back, use your fingers to slightly undo the loose bun you attached in step three. Wiggle it around as gently as you can, so as not to disturb the rest of your hair, pulling the odd strand out and leaving the odd section of hair looped in... if you know what we mean. Use the photos of Nicole as your guide and you should be fine.Feel free to tugg the ponytail (ish, thing?) and tighten the elastic if necessary. Then, spray your hair generously with hairspray to help hold it all in place.

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