Sunday, May 5, 2013

Michelle Lauren Recommends Prom Night Hairstyles Ideas

Prom season will soon be upon many teens.For many of them, it is their first formal event and it's normal to want a dazzling hairstyle for the big evening. Finding that perfect style for the prom can be difficult, so it's best to consider your options early.
Pre-prom shopping activities include carefully chosen dresses, shoes, makeup and accessories. However, unlike a daily hairstyle, the prom hairstyle styles needs more consideration to have the best impact. Finding the perfect hairstyle can be difficult. No matter how careful you are, you must consider several different factors when selecting just the right style. The major factor is whether you are changing your hairstyle drastically.

If you are considering a radical style change that may include a relaxer, braids, permanent Hair Extensions, hair color, or other major changes, booking these services in advance. You will then have time to adjust to the new look, to evaluate your style options and decide on the look for the big event. If it doesn’t turn out exactly as you planned, you also have time to make changes or to come up with another look you find more comfortable.

Remember your hairstyle and your prom outfit should mesh for a complete look. If you have a traditionally, understated and romantic dress, a classic or braided bun or updo might be your style of choice, Alternatively, if you have a bold, sleek dress a short cut or longer length style might be the look for you. Get best quality and natural virgin hair extensions. You also may want to visit this site ( on the Internet.

There is an array of hairstyles to choose for your prom, from classic styles to edgier looks.

1.Pixie cut trendy and edgy

The pixie cut is a popular style. It is trendy and will allow you to create a hairstyle that can be cutting edge and fun for prom night. With this short cut you can create curls or flips using a ceramic styling iron on small sections of your hair and using texturizing products to complete the look.

2.Weaves and waves

Weaves and waves may be added to the list of popular prom hairstyles. They may provide a popular, romantic look and they help you achieve the look even if you hair is not naturally long. The waves created by medium sized hot rollers, after being removed, can create sections of hair that make flattering waves.

3.Updos can be sleek and sassy

A wide selection of updo styles work. A half-up and half-down style works for medium length or long hair. Low buns and classic updos work with partial cornrow braid styles and offer popular polished look for prom.  Many other braided styles may be adapted for unique look

4.Comb Coils

Natural hairstyles can be elegant and they work well with short to medium hair. Comb coils can be achieved by using a rattail comb. To achieve this style, take small sections of hair and turn them slowly to complete the coil, Hair gel or other styling products need to be used to and the style can last up to several days or several weeks depending on the length of hair and tightness of the curls.

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