Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How To Get This French Braid Hairstyle

Do you like Emmy Rossum's French braid hairstyle? Do you wanna get this french braid hairstyle? Michelle Lauren,the CEO of RosyHair.co.uk,will show you how get this braid hairstyle. Here is now!

Step 1. Comb out the tangles in your hair.

Step 2. As if doing a half-do, separate a section of your hair from the rest. Do this at the point where you want your braid to start. A high French braid should start at the very top of your head.

Step 3. Divide the section into three equal pieces.

Step 4. Cross the far-right strand over the middle strand. Now, it has become the middle strand.

Step 5.Now, cross the far-left strand over the middle strand. Now, IT has become the middle strand. You'll continue doing this-- alternating left and right-- to make your braid.

Step 6. Now, get ready to cross the right strand over. This time, however, add some hair from the side of your head to the right-most strand before you cross it. The strand is now thicker than the others.

Step 7. Each time you cross over a section, add extra hair into it. This turns your look from a simple braid to a French braid.

Step 8. When you have gathered all your hair into a French braid and the braid goes down to the nape of your neck, continue doing a simple braid until you've reached the end of your braid. Tie it up with a hairband.

Step 9. Rub your braid a bit between your hands for a messier look and tug out some strands to frame your face!

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