Monday, May 20, 2013

How To Get Nicole Kidman's Backcombed Hairstyle

 How To Get Nicole Kidman's Backcombed Hairstyle?

1) Protect

Start by spritzing your hair with lots of heat protection hairspray when it is still damp after a shower.

2) Dry

Aim your blowdryer at the roots of your hair. You can even dry your hair upside down to really get the volume.

3) Tease

Right yourself and turn off your blowdryer. Separate a thin later of hair at your hairline as if you were doing bangs. Set that aside. Now, add some Elnett hairspray to the hair at the top of your head. Grab a comb and start backcombing the top of your hair until you really get the volume you want. Add some more hairspray.

4) Smooth

Now, grab a smooth brush and, gently, smooth the hair you set aside over the top. Don't brush too hard or you'll lose that hard-won volume.

5) Time for the sides

Now, take a comb and pull back the hair from your temples tightly and clip them with a pretty barrette just behind your ears on either side. Spray on some hairspray to each side and pat it down to give it that sleek look that is not quite the wet-look but is smooth.

6) Curl it

Now that the roots are figured out, it's time for the ends. Spritz on a bit more heat protection spray and then use a curling iron to give yourself a few big barrel curls. Make them big, soft and loose by using large amounts of hair for each curl.

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