Thursday, May 23, 2013

How To Get Olivia Palermo's Braided Hairstyle

How To Get Olivia Palermo's Braided Hairstyle? Use this style for those situations when you want to make even your subtlety stylish! Here is now,Michelle Lauren,the CEO of, will show you how to get this hairstyle.

Step one: First off, Olivia made the style a bit more romantic-- ie artfully messy-- by going with an uneven part. No combs here! Still, her part more or less hit at the centre of her head, which is important if you are doing a symmetric style (trust me, you don't want to look wonky.)

Step two: After drying her hair for some added volume and combing the tangles out of her hair, Olivia began to French braid her hair, working the braid back and towards the nape of her neck (if you need to brush up on your French braiding skills, check our tutorial). While the braid was neat, she didn't pull it too tight and left some volume in.

Step three: When she reached the place at the back/centre of her head where she'd like to place her bun, Olivia attached that side of her hair and preceded to braid the other side of her hair. She checked periodically to make sure that the braids on both sides were pretty even.

Step four: After finishing both braids, you have some options for what you want to do in the back. You can gather the two braids in a ponytail. For a more polished look, pull the remaining hair into a dancer's bun. For a more romantic look, use some bobby pins to achieve a messy bun. If you are feeling like you want to up the 'do, you could keep braiding and do a braided chignon!

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