Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nicole Kidman Dazzles With a Braided Bun Hairstyle

Nicole Kidman dazzles with a braided bun hairstyle! So do you like this hairstyle? You wanna get this hairstyle? Michelle Lauren, the CEO of, will tell you how to do get this hairstyle? Here is now.

Step 1: Begin by making a small ponytail at the centre of the back of your head, leaving hair loose on all sides. This is just a way to separate the hair for later.

Step 2: Next, begin a french braid just behind your ears. Instead of adding hair to both sides of the braid, like with a normal french braid, just add to one side.

Step 3: Braid across the back of your head, then down the opposite side from where you started. Then, braid under your mini ponytail.

Step 4: When you return back to the side you started on, let down the ponytail and keep braiding in aspiral shape.

Step 5: When you have gathered all the hair on your head into your french braid, just keep braiding normally, holding the hair so that you keep braiding in a circle (this gives your braid the right shape for when you grab some bobby pins and pin it to the back of your head in the spiral shape.)

Step 6: Add a lick of hairspray!

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